Corey Graves Reportedly Replacing Pat McAfee On WWE SmackDown

Corey Graves Reportedly Replacing Pat McAfee On WWE SmackDown

Yesterday, New York Post reported that Pat McAfee has signed a full-time deal with ESPN and McAfee is working as a full-time member of the “College GameDay” broadcast. The new deal has affected his WWE career as a SmackDown commentator.

WWE's head of talent relations Triple H stated that “We’d never stand in Pat’s way, as he continues to architect his exceptional career.” It means Triple H gave his approval for McAfee to work with ESPN.

Pat McAfee issued a statement on Twitter and clarified that he is still working with WWE and will return to the company when football season is over.

SmackDAHN will be on hold for a little bit while I do College GameDay.. I'm still VERY much in the WWE family & will still be doing things with WWE.

Xero News reported that Corey Graves will replace Pat McAfee as a SmackDown commentator until McAfee returns to the company. Graves will work both WWE RAW and SmackDown for the next few months.

Source believes for the mean time Corey Graves will end up doing smackdown as well as Raw.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.

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