WWE SummerSlam Listed As TV-14 Rating

WWE SummerSlam Listed As TV 14 Rating

WWE programing became TV-PG in the summer of 2008. It happened for attracting more sponsors to the company but casual fans lost their interest and moved to other sports.

Last week, Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast reported that WWE considering going back to WWE RAW TV-14 in the near future.

Later, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer also confirmed Zarian’s report and stated that "I've asked the company and there are people in the company who knew nothing about it. The company official line did not comment on it at all. So that makes me think it's in progress and they don't want to say it until they are ready to address it themselves."

Although, WWE has not publicly addressed that they are going back to TV-14. But this year’s SummerSlam is currently listed as TV-14 on Peacock.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.

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