WWE Changes The Idea Of RAW Going Back To TV-14

WWE Changes The Idea Of RAW Going Back To TV-14

WWE's Monday Night RAW is a TV-PG-rated program struggling to surpass 2 million in the rating. In 2008, WWE made their product PG to attract more sponsors. The fans who watch the WWE product moved to other sports in the past three decades. Many fans pushed WWE to make the product edgier, but the company hesitated to do it.

Yesterday, Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Podcast reported that WWE RAW is moving back to TV-14 on July 18th. Later, Zarian amended his statement.

According to the latest report from Zarian, WWE RAW is still TV-PG next week, but the company is considering making it TV-14 in the near future.

This is a wild situation. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes
WWE Raw won’t be going to TV-14 on July 18th but still in consideration for a later date. 
Will go live tomorrow morning to break this down.
There was a memo within USA Network that went out this morning regarding WWE Raw changing to TV-14 on July 18th. Apparently that was sent out prematurely and the day was not finalized.

However, we can assume that fans won’t have a chance to see the product in 2022 like the Attitude Era back in the 90s because the world and the cultures are a lot different nowadays.

We will update you when we receive more details. Stay tuned with The Spotlight.

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