WWE Changes Lot Of Creative Plans Following Cody Rhodes' Injury

WWE Changes Lot Of Creative Plans Following Cody Rhodes' Injury

Cody Rhodes had a torn pectoral muscle this past Saturday while he was working out. Despite being injured, Cody competed at Hell in a Cell premium live event and defeated Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes appeared on this week's Monday Night RAW and addressed the crowd. The American Nightmare said he is done with Seth Rollins, and he is going to win this year's Money in the Bank. Then, Seth Rollins came to the ring and praised Cody Rhodes. Also, Rollins shook Cody’s hand and walked out to the backstage area. However, that was Rollins' cunning tactic. He brutally attacked Cody Rhodes during the ramp, and the segment ended with Cody Rhodes exiting on his own two feet following Seth Rollins attack.

Prior to the injury, WWE had a huge plan for Cody Rhodes. He even featured on the Money in the Bank official poster and promo package.

According to Ringside News, WWE changed a lot of creative plans after Cody Rhodes’ injury.

I was told that "lots of changes" were made to RAW once Cody was injured, "and that's understandable." I was also told that "the roster needed to be shifted."

Cody is slated for surgery tomorrow. We're seriously hoping for the best because WWE is in a tough spot right now.

The American Nightmare recently posted several photos of his nasty injury.

On this week’s WWE RAW, Edge was kicked out of The Judgement Day faction. Click here to see the reason.

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