Would Roman Reigns Like To Wrestle With The Rock?

Roman Reigns appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote Survivor Series. During the show, Reigns was asked about the rumors of The Rock making an appearance at Survivor Series.

These are rumors, you’re saying? I haven’t heard these rumors and I would think I’m closer than anybody at this point. So it’s not what I’ve heard, but I also debuted at Survivor Series as well, so it’s a nice little tie-in. But I don’t know.

Reigns was then asked if he would like to face The Rock.

I would, I don’t know if he wants it. That’s something we do in our family as far as sports entertainment, professional wrestling, WWE. This is our platform. This is our family business. I fought with my cousins The Usos about a year ago and where better to solve problems than the squared circle.

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