Paul Heyman Talks About Lesnar's $1,000,000 Fine

Two weeks ago on SmackDown, Brock Lesnar attacked Roman Reigns, The Usos and several backstage officials. After that incident, Lesnar was suspended and fined $1 million.

During WWE's The Bump, Paul Heyman talked about Brock Lesnar’s suspention.

I am not paid by Brock Lesnar. I’m not concerned that Brock Lesnar can afford the million dollars. My concern is for SmackDown. From whose a** does Brock Lesnar pull that million dollars? It amazes me that WWE went out of its way to create this huge surprise, not only for the WWE Universe but for your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, and Special Counsel, Paul Heyman, by bringing Brock Lesnar back at SummerSlam.
And then, WWE is all surprised when Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar. What did everyone expect was going to happen when Brock Lesnar appears on SmackDown? We’re gonna have a bunch of smiles, and handshakes and kissing a bunch of babies? C’mon! He’s a beast. That’s the box office attraction about Brock Lesnar. So, when Brock Lesnar acts like Brock Lesnar, we suspend him and fine him a million dollars? I have no invested interest in Brock Lesnar’s business – personal or professional

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