WWE Fans Hijacked Monday Night RAW With (We Want Wyatt & CM Punk) Chants

Last night’s Monday Night Raw took place on Allstate Arena in Chicago. During the show, there were plenty of “CM Punk” & “We Want Wyatt” chants could be heard throughout the arena. 

Fans at the show noted that, CM Punk chants started during Main Event prior to Monday Night RAW. The Show started with Goldberg and Bobby Lashley’s segment. When Goldberg starting to speak, fans in the arena yelled out “We Want Wyatt”.

After Doudrop lost to WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Tamina, Alexa Bliss appeared on the screen. At that moment “We Want Wyatt” chants started again.

The crowd also chanted “CM Punk” during Drew McIntyre’s match. “CM Punk” chants popped up where Miz TV with Damian Priest as well.

On RAW’s main event, Nikki A.S.H and Charlotte Flair battle in a No Hold Barred match. During some times of the match Chicago fans chanted “CM Punk”.

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