Baron Corbin's Happy Corbin Gimmick Details Revealed

On Last night’s SmackDown Baron Corbin came out to the ring, and begging people for money. Corbin said,

As all of you may know, I've really been down on my luck lately. The sad part is, it's much worse than that. If things don't turn around quickly, I'm going to have to file bankruptcy. No see, that's what's wrong with society today--when someone like me falls, you wanna keep 'em down, don't you? Because of that, you know what? This is the last time I'm publicly going to ask for help from any of you." The crowd cheers and continues to heckle him throughout. "Look, I'm used to a certain way of life so I'm going to need each and every one of you to contribute a minimum of one thousand dollars. No look, I'm going to make it very easy for you, I have a credit card scanner in my phone.

Then Kevin Owens came out and said if Corbin beat him, then Corbin would win $1,000. but if he loses then Corbin would have to stop begging people for money. Corbin agreed to that. They wrestled in a singles match. Unfortunately, Corbin was unable to beat Owens. Which means he’s no longer be able to beg people for money.

During a backstage segment, Kayla Braxton interview Baron Corbin, before Corbin speak anything he noticed Big E’s Money in the Bank briefcase on the table. Corbin suddenly grab the briefcase and then ran out of the building.

According to Paul Davis of Wrestling News, Corbin’s current storyline is similar to Diamond Dallas Page angle from the 90s.

This appears to be continuation of plans to repackage Corbin. A couple of months ago, WWE trademarked “Happy Corbin” so it looks like they are doing something similar to the Diamond Dallas Page angle from the 90s. Page was portrayed as homeless and down on his luck but he slowly climbed up the ladder and became a top star.

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