US sanctions on two Turkish ministers


The United States has banned two Turkish ministers. The United States has taken this step to detain an American pastor for two years in Turkey. The priest was charged with terrorism – Which states that the US authorities are baseless. After being kept in prison for two years in Turkey, he is now under house arrest. It is said in the news that the Turkish judiciary and the home minister’s immovable property will be covered under this US sanctions.

The United States will ban the NATO-allied ally, such incidents are absolutely unprecedented. But it happened just as the Turkish Minister of Justice and the Interior Minister.

The US government is complaining of serious human rights violations against them. In the US statement, these two ministers played a key role in stopping American pundit Andrew Branson from 2016.

Mr.Branson Against Turkey’s accusation – he supported the Kurdish rebel group. The Turkish government thinks that this group is involved in a failed coup recently in Turkey. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Kadooglu says this ‘hostile action’ will be answered. 

Erdogan government supporter column writers have already called for the closure of US military bases in Turkey. If that happens, then security cooperation between these two NATO allies will be severely threatened.

Since the 1974 Turkey campaign in northern Cyprus, there was not so much deterioration between these two countries. After this news, the Turkish lira rate has reached the lowest level against the US dollar.

Turkish President Erdogan often criticizes Western leaders, and he is not afraid of the American bloodstream. He accused Washington of showing Christianity like Evangelist preacher or Zionist.

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