The United States is stopping all assistance for Palestinian refugees

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The United States is going to stop all kinds of financial assistance for the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency. The matter is being carefully monitored, said the country.

The US Department of State has said that the United Nations Department of the Palestinian refugee agency United Nations Relief and Programming Organization (UNRWA) is “unreasonable defective”, according to BBC News. US spokesman Heather Norrett said that the US administration is watching the matter ‘carefully’ and they will not make any contribution to the UNRWA.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudinina commented that this incident was a “hit” on the people of his country. He told Reuters he would not be able to change the reality by such punishment that there is no other role in the region and that it is not part of any solution. The decision has also shown a disregard for the UN’s resolution.

Earlier on August 25, the BBC reported that the United States has cut more than 200 million US dollars for the Palestinian people living in Gaza and the West Bank. Earlier, in January, the United States government reduced UNIDWA aid to Palestinian refugees.

The relationship between the US administration and the Palestinian Authority deteriorated since Jerusalem acknowledged Donald Trump as the Israeli capital. Palestine closes contact with the United States The Palestinians also commented that the United States does not have the right to mediate in the Middle East peace process.

Meanwhile, the company’s spokesperson Chris Gunzee has protested in a tweet after one of the new US decisions and UNRWA being considered to be ‘unsubstantiated’. He said, “We strongly reject the UNRWA’s schools, health centers, and critical support programs as” unsuitable faulty.

“He also said that these activities of the organization in the human development process have proved to be successful. The result was found in the Middle East. The international community, donor countries have always been praising UNRW’s achievements and values.

UNRWA was established in 1948 with assistance from millions of displaced Palestinians after the Arab-Israeli war. The company now provides health, education and social work to 50 million people across the Middle East. The United States is the largest donor country in the organization.

In 2016, the country provided 36 million and 80 million dollars. In this sense, 30 percent of the UNRWA work in the region is done in the US. In January this year, the Trump administration promised to provide six million dollars in aid.

But more than 650 million dollars hanging in the name of supervision. It is known that this assistance will be canceled. In this situation on Friday, German Foreign Minister Heiko promised to increase German support to the organization.

In January, the company has received a worldwide request to meet the deficit. Some people in Israel believe that by reducing the financial support, UNRWA can weaken the region and make the region more unstable. As a result, extremism can also grow in this region.

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