The Media creation of Neymar vs. Mbappe

The Spotlight News,Neymar vs. Mbappe

Neymar vs. Mbappe: Neymar’s World Cup frustrating dust has shaken off. The goal is to return to the club, doing it. Brazilian forward has scored three matches continuously in the league. Kylian Mbabpe has three goals in the league. This is a danger, and in the discussion with Neymar, there is a comparison of the Mbabpe now.

There was a prophecy about Neymar in the last World Cup. But the World Cup has been Mbabpe. There has been so much of the writing for the past few days, but there is nothing to be surprised if the relationship between the two gets poisoned.

There are many such topics that have been shocking for Neymar. Some have also written that going out of the shadow of Messi, Neymar left behind the shadow of Mbabpe. However, both teammate Thomas Muney has claimed that Neymar vs. Mbabpe is the only media creation.

The picture inside the club is another, ‘The competition between them? It’s just a magazine marketing strategy. They are both great players. Both of them have something of their own, which they do not have of another. We can be happy to get two players on the team, nothing else.

Kiliyan is similar to Killian. Always smiling, calm, devoted to your responsibility. Now the leader of this group, Neymar, the captain should have a partner or not. Before tomorrow Angers Loses the previous league match 3-1 he was the hero of the match.

Cavani started the goal But the ball from the cross in Neymar’s cross in 12 minutes. In the 51st minute, Mbappe scored a very good goal. De Maria Ariial Cross from the left edge is sent to the ball directly in the net. Russia is the best rising star of the World Cup.

After Neymar scored. Neymar has just kept in the net after seeing the French back-cut back from right to right. Explains, Neymar vs. Mbappe is really the creation of the media!

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