The gun of the 3D printer, the new danger is coming


People will go on the Internet to ‘download’ a gun, ‘print’ it ‘will make’ and after that, it will start using it straight away – and no one in the firearms will get the place – what should it be or should not be?

Opponents of a bitter legal battle in American courts are saying this, in the United States – where 35,000 people died in firing every year – the country will be seized.

Home made firearms?

The technology that made it possible is the 3D printing.

It is a technology that can be made by sitting in a 3D printer with a computer, and with many complex shapes. Those designs can be easily shared online. The thing will be made in three-dimensional printers by placing another super thin plastic layer on one. The price of a typical 3D printer is now just a few hundred dollars. 

Critics say so, it is going to create a big problem – so that there is a firearm that nobody will know. There will be no factory serial number on this weapon, who will be the owner of this gun, who is a dangerous person, – no ‘background check’ will be possible.

Does the plastic gun really work?

In reality, much difference between real guns and plastic guns. For example, everything in a plastic pistol named as Liberty is made by plastics only – the firing pin – that is, the thing that hits the back of the bullets, throwing bullets – that’s just made of metal.

It’s not like a normal handgun, it’s one bullet gun, it’s very hard to fill the new bullet at once. But the concern is: new and more complex types of firearms are created, there is only one part that is made of plastic. In the United States, with the trigger of guns, the lower part of the lower receiver – is the only controlled part of the law.

Guns, barrels, or magazines – these are not controlled parts of the law. So the concern is that if someone builds the lower receiver in a 3D printer, and along with other metallurgical parts that are easily available, and which are fully legal, then they get a full firearm.

But where did he get it, how he got it, who went in his hands, nobody could find him out of the place? Because this lower receiver is made in the house – it has no serial number

However, there may be many difficulties as a weapon. Whether it will work properly, whether it will break or explode – there is no guarantee. But those who have the right to distribute the design of the 3D guns – they said, the printer that costs 15 thousand dollars, then the gun you make after it will not be reliable.

For these reasons, there is nothing to worry about this technology. It has started in the United States in a number of legal debates. A case has also been filed against Kodi Wilson – which has not been settled yet. President Trump spoke about this.

In the meantime, the spread of 3D printed guns has started. The guns have been downloaded millions of times over the Internet

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