The goat’s name is ‘Salman Khan’


The goat’s name is ‘Salman Khan’. Goat’s muscles structure as absolutely the ‘Sultan of the ring’! And very intense! So, the owner gave his name ‘Salman Khan’. Since the goat in the name of Bollywood superstar, so the price is similar to that, five lakh rupees!

The goat has been seen on the occasion of Eid in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. No one wants to buy or buy, the people who came in the Hats at least once visited and saw the goat and its owner. It is not known whether the goat has been sold or sold at the end.

It is not a new thing to name the sacrificial animal as a Bollywood star or films. There have been many such incidents before. As a result, the price of these animals brought into the market for Eid al-Azhar has increased. Attraction is about the animal, the headline of the news can be.

This year, a couple of years ago, the goat was brought in the name of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan in this northern Uttar Pradesh village sales hats. The name of a goat named Sania Mirza was ‘Sania’.

Due to the names of the stars, these goats are contested for the price. In that year, the goat named ‘Barfi’, which was taken in Sadatgunj, Hindi film, weighed 125 kg. And it was sold in two lakh rupees.

It is known that the goats which are brought to the market in the name of the stars, they do not bother about it. Someone might not know it. If they ever know, then be surprised.

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