The BBC’s Sir Cliff Richard Coleman will not appeal against the judgment of the High Court.


In a milestone confidentiality case on the BBC coverage of the blast in his home. He was awarded £ 210,000 in damages, and £ 850,000.

Do not appeal to the BBC High Court’s decision. Sir Cliff Richard was damaged in his house under a police raid. Sir Cliff has filed a lawsuit against a corporation for broadcasting a South Yorkshire police raid in August 2014 in Berkshire, Sunningdale. And Prior to this year, a landmark confidentiality case was awarded £ 210,000 in damages.

He was awarded a further £ 850,000 prize along with the cost.

The broadcaster’s lawyer said that this case will create a “severe Chilling effect” on Press Freedom, but has decided not to appeal. BBC Director General Tony Hale said: “We are sorry for the hardship we have come through Sir Cliff because the BBC is already on record.

We are repeating today that we have had this influence on her quite well. How we have reported this story to the BBC and will be very careful about your outlook on the future – both tone and styles. We acknowledge that we have made mistakes – even if the facts we reported were correct.

But his statement revives the view that the case will represent “a dramatic change against press freedom”. And it will create “huge uncertainty over the qualifications that can be achieved in the public interest”.

He further added that the ruling “the police will make it difficult to check the behavior”. And “will make the policy about the rights of the people weak”. Mr. Hall said that the decision to not appeal was followed by legal advice, in any further proceeding, “work was done to spread the plight of Sir Cliff”.

“Instead of writing to the BBC today the government is asking for proper and fair criminal investigation report. And person name under the investigation to consider a review of the law. In this important area of the government,” he added that.

“A fundamental principle of press freedom has stood here and one. On which we believe Parliament since our lawmakers will decide”.

Last month it was reported that Sir Clif – who said that he was left for two years after the raid in “Creative Limbo”. The compensation from the BBC was not withdrawn (like decreasing income). The star said earlier that the suit cost him 3.4 million pounds.

He accepted the testimony that the BBC has decided not to allow permission to appeal court. In particular, the judge has ruled that they have no basis for taking such steps.

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