Ronaldo-Madrid-Salah is the best, dropped Messi


Lionel Messi’s 2018 year is not good at all. UEFA’s top player did not get the top three. Now FIFA ‘The Best’ is also not the place. After UEFA, the final list of FIFA player of the year is held in the list of FIFA World Player of the Year.

The third edition of The Best is a trophy for Cristiano Ronaldo, Luca Rodriguez or Muhammad Salah. Ronaldo’s triumph of FIFA ‘The Best’ has been going on since being separated from Ballon d’Or.

The Portuguese Forward has been the world’s leading player of the draw. This year’s top rival Messi is the main opponent of the year. But do not be relieved Ronaldo In the last few years, Ronaldo and Messi have dominated the dominance of football in football a few days ago.

Luca Rodriguez topped the list with Uyappa Luca Madrid There is no guarantee that something like this will not happen. Ronaldo has scored 44 goals in the last season, and Ronaldo won the Real Madrid Champions League.

Hattrick has made a hat-trick against Spain in the World Cup. Ronaldo has taken the team to the last sixteen. But Madrid has contributed a lot to win the Real Madrid hat-trick. And the midfielder took Croatia for the first time in the final to be the best player of the World Cup.

Ronaldo has the best chance of winning ‘The Best’ and Ballon d’Or. Salah’s likelihood is less than that. Liverpool has a great season, but they have not been able to win any title. In the event of an injury, Egypt could not cross the group stage in the World Cup.

In the top three, Messi and Titan were questioned for the dismissal of Gisman. Messi has won the Spanish double for Barcelona despite spending a world cup of frustration. Won the Europa League and European Super Cup for the Oriental Gryzmann Club.

More importantly, France has won the World Cup, Atlético Madrid forward. But the best three places did not have them. No surprise on the list of best coaches In the final of the World Cup, Didi Deshmukh, there is a scintillating streak in the final of Croatia. And there is history-making Zinedine Zidane. The first ever coach to win three consecutive champions league matches, Zidane can be the best, whether it is the best of everyone.

Messi is among the best goalkeepers, although not on the best player list. Ronaldo, Salah is among the top ten goalscorers. Gareth Bell is in the Champions League final bicycle shot, among them.

But the three great moments of the World Cup gifted by Cherniv, Karsama or forgotten the payday but will not! Final nomination in different categories of FIFA: Goalkeeper: Thibo Correa (Chelsea / Real Madrid; Belgium), Hugo Lauris (Tottenham, France) and Kasper Smyck (Leicester Denmark). Puskas (Best Goal): Gareth Bell, Dennis Cherishiev, Lazaros Christopoulosulos, Georgetian de Arrasqueta, Riley McGridee, Lionel Messi, Benjamin Powers, Ricardo Carassa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammad Salah.

Men’s Coaches: Zlatko Delich (Croatia), Didier Desmond (France) and Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid). Women’s coach: Pedros (France), Taekakura (Japan) and Wigman (Holland). Fans: Supporters of Japan and Senegal, supporters of Peru and Sebastian Carrara. Best Female Players: Hejerberg (Norway), Marojosan (Germany) and Marta (Brazil) Best Male Players: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid / Juventus), Luca Madrid (Real Madrid) and Mohammad Salah (Liverpool).

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