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As the newly elected president, the Donald Trump welcomed the photo to show more than the public. Government photographer has acknowledged the editing of those photographs of government photographers. In 2009, Trump was upset over the scene of Barack Obama’s performance as a low-profile event.

He has to edit the pictures in his intervention. The part of the picture was deserted, it was ‘cropped’ and dropped from the picture. In the report of the Inspector General of the country, the information came out when investigating a complaint made by a person for the trump.

The information gathered in The Guardian’s Investigation Report in the United Kingdom Under the Right to Information Act, the Guardian received the investigation report from the office of the Inspector General of the Interior Department. According to the Guardian’s report, the newly-publicized information shows that the empty trunks of President Trump were dropped by the crop.

In the same way, it is seen in the picture that Barak Obama’s program is full of people in the last place. The picture of the similar trump is seen in the picture, there is no mass mobilization in the last part, there is empty space In the film, Barack Obama was thrilled to see the scene of a less popular celebration than Trampe Trump.

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After his request, the new set of pictures of the time was published by editing the empty space. These new pictures are kept in government files. The Guardian report said that through this, the first self-imposed crisis was created to become the president of the trump. At that time, the White House falsely claimed that most people came to the trump.

According to the records, on January 21 last year, Trump and Acting Director of the National Park Service (NPS) Michael Reynolds were talking on the phone. White House Information Secretary Sean Spice NPS officials called on that day and changed the picture to create ‘Toshamod’ Marca.

However, it has not been clear from the record that no photos have been edited and where they were published. The final report, published from the Inspectorate of the Interior Department of the country, is not mentioned in this regard.

This report was published in June last year. It is said without mentioning the name of a woman officer of NPS, told to investigators that after talking to President Trump, Reynolds summoned him and said he wanted to see the picture of the trump ceremony.

The official said that he could ‘understand’, Trump requested, to remove the empty spaces that were not cropped by the images. But that’s exactly what he did, Reynolds did not say directly. Then he contacted an NPS photographer and asked for more photos of the program.

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The NPS photographer told the investigating officer that an official with him contacted. The officials want some pictures that appear on the public show. He created a file of 25 pictures. He was asked to go back to the office and the pictures were asked to ‘edit a bit’ and submit it again.

The photographer said that he kept cropping up and down, keeping the images up to the public place. He crashed the image in such a way that it seems, there are many other people behind.

Investigators said the photographer said that he crushed the way the office wanted it. But he has not been specifically told that people will show more in the film.

The summary of the final report of the Inspector General has been told, the photographer told the investigators that he chose the pictures from his professional consideration and he paid attention to the area as far as the people had in the country.

When contacted by the Inspector General’s spokesperson Nancy Dipaulo, he told The Guardian that the final report did not mention the issue of the crime.

Because the photographer told the officers that it is his “quality artistic practice”. According to the newly published information, information secretary Spice was involved in getting this photo convenient.

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Speaking to the Reynolds after the trump phone immediately gave him a spice phone. The new photo set at 3 o’clock was sent to the White House.

Then at 5:40 pm in the White House, SpiceJet claimed falsehood at the “infamous” press conference that this is the biggest public gathering at the newly elected President’s reception.

Earlier, many people were not gathered at this event. However, he did not comment when the Guardian contacted him about the investigation report.

NPS officials tried to shroud the trump and leaked Trump’s conversation with Reynolds to the Washington Post – In February last year, the Inspector General’s Office, in connection with the investigation, was found to have complained about the website’s website. There is also news about this.

But there is no truth to the allegation in the investigation. In June last year, the Guardian wanted to know the identity of the complainant under the Right to Information Act. However, there is no reference to the allegation of the investigation report.

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