He did not commit suicide for the bottle of 12 Beer!


A young man is standing on the roof of the multi-story building. Plan for suicide. He thought that there was no way out of death in front of him. In such a situation, a call came in the air. Come down.

Please do not commit suicide, if you survive, I will give you 12 bottles of beer.

Afterwards, the suicide youth came down from the plan of suicide. Jason Gabbyel and Anderson were leaving for work in the morning with a bear truck. At that time a young man standing on the bridge. 

Within a short time, they could see that one was standing on the bridge. But they do not understand why the boy is standing there. After some time they realized why the boy stood on the bridge.

They understand what he’s trying to do, the young man is going to commit suicide. Immediately came down from the car. Ran away to the bridge.

The drivers of these two beer-van drivers took new tricks to save the youth at the bridge. Cried out, ‘Leave the plan for suicide now. Else, give 12 bottles of beer.

What happened after that is incredible. The person came straight down from the bridge. Now he needs 12 bottles of beer.

But the name of the young man is not known.

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