Emergency declines in Italy bridge collapse, The investigation is underway

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Italy bridge collapse: The number of dead in Zenoa bridge in Italy reached 39. After the incident, the state has imposed emergency status for the next 12 months in the Liguria region. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He said the primary fund was formed with the help of the distressed people.

The reason why the bridge collapsed is not yet known.

On Tuesday, a part of the ‘Merandi Bridge’ bridge collapsed. Several cars fall below 100 meters. Many of them are casualties. 15 people were treated at different hospitals. In it, nine people are in critical condition. Some people are still pressed down under the rubble, said, Rescuers.

Due to three days of being worried about their survival. Thousands of fire service personnel took part in the rescue. Many people have been evacuated from the area due to the collapse of another part of the bridge.

Most of the victims are Italian citizens. Confirmed that four foreign nationals of the French Foreign Ministry were killed. They have three members of the same family. Italy’s emerging player is also on the list of the dead.

On the day of the accident, former Italian footballer Davide Capello was on the spot. During the collapse of the bridge, his car was 30 meters below. But fortunately, he was able to get out of the car.

He said, ‘I could get out. I do not know yet, why did not break my car because of so much downstairs. It was a movie incident.

A doctor named Valentina Galbusera said in her own experience that my car was just 20 meters away. Survived for a few seconds. There was a raging storm in the region on Tuesday. However, it was not possible to ascertain that the accident occurred due to the accident.

Many people criticizing the government that such a thing has been done for private companies to handle this bridge.

The 1,172-meter tall bridge of this bridge is 12 meters collapse. The police said that lightning occurred during the collapse. Experts say that ongoing maintenance can be a cause for this fall.

Many people say that the accident occurred due to the error in design and extra traffic due to daily capacity. Every year around 25 million people go on this bridge.

In 2011 Italy’s Highway Company said the bridge had been deficient. Geneva University Infrastructure Engineer Department teacher Ennio Brauncie created a report about the bridge in 2016.

There he said, the need for more allocation in the operation of the bridge. He also said that more funding should be provided in reforms. At that time he warned, “There are many errors in the bridge. Whether it is before or after, it needs to be fixed again. I do not know when.

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