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Barca behind Real Madrid cost: In Spanish football, the screen of the exchange has taken place. In this pre-season window, 12 teams have been completed in Spanish football. Real Madrid’s real-time balance of payments,

However, has been more than Barcelona’s earnings, although Spanish clubs have spent more than the previous season. The total amount of expenditure is 897.12 million euros. The club had spent 576.985 million euros last season.

Spanish football has increased the cost of the outdoor clubs in the country. Players have spent 555.05 million euros on the outside of Spain’s outside teams. Last season, Neymar bought 222 million Euros of PSG, but the total cost was 551.82 million euros.

Real Madrid’s sales of 133.5 million euros of the total five players sold this time. Cristiano Ronaldo (117 million), Omus Mascherle (10 million), Toro (3.5 million), Leynhart (2 million) and De Thomas (1 million).

In contrast, Vinecius, Mariano, and two more players were bought for 146 million euros. That is, there is only a shortage of 12.5 million euros in the income-side club of Madrid.

Barcelona’s lack of exposure to sports betting is more than Real. Last season, when the player spent 207.57 million euros, the Catalan club spent 12.5.90 million euros in order to buy Malcolm-Arthur.

Against the sales of players, they earned 82.2 million euros. The deficit amount is 43.7 million euros. In the last season, Barça saw the profit of 18.43 million euros.

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