Are you worried Google wants to do all of your work?


Google will be able to drive you a day. This can help you compose your email and automatically finish your thoughts. And now, the future is in a spectacular view, it can even make phone calls on your behalf.

Google’s artificial intelligence display and this week, what computer is now capable of in its I / O Developer Conference, the best technology of the year and the most horrifying. A program showed how it could duplicate a human voice, through of Duplex Call, it is a smartphone app, a “umms” and “ahhs” down the podium.

The bot seems more real than the person who was on the call. Although the concept is a practical thing – the trouble of making phone calls to set up reservations in our restaurants and hair salons – Google’s success can get an eye for some fantastic bad stuff.

That’s good news. But will it be enough? And really – what was Google thinking? Last year, rumors about privacy and internet sites which have gone too far with our information, Google did not have the smarts to see this coming?

We can wait until Google’s next update, what Google tells us. We hope it will be very interesting.

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